AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-06Update to v4.11.0Jim Turner
2017-03-19Update to v4.10.0Jim Turner
2017-02-24Update to v4.9.1Jim Turner
2017-02-24Fix usbutils dependencyJim Turner
2017-02-24Update to v4.9.0Jim Turner
2017-01-20Update to v4.8.1Jim Turner
2017-01-15Update to v4.8.0Jim Turner
2017-01-14Update to v4.7.5Jim Turner
2016-07-13Update to v4.7.4Jim Turner
2016-07-13Add .gitignoreJim Turner
2016-04-18Update project URL to Read the DocsJim Turner
2016-04-18Update to v4.7.3Jim Turner
2016-04-14Update to v4.7.2Jim Turner
2015-10-20Update to v4.7.1Jim Turner
2015-10-19Update to v4.7.0Jim Turner
2015-10-16Update to v4.6.0Jim Turner
2015-08-23Update to v4.4.2Jim Turner
2015-07-29Update project website URLJim Turner
2015-07-29Update to v4.4.1Jim Turner
2015-06-08Initial import from old AURJim Turner