AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-15Update libxfce4ui dependency to 4.17.2 to support new keyboard shortcuts dialogTed Alff
2021-09-13Bump libxfce4util dependency version.Ted Alff
2021-07-07Update dependency versionsTed Alff
2020-07-31Adopt and update.Ted Alff
2017-09-10thunar-git: autogen in prepare()Alad Wenter
2017-09-03update pkgverAlad Wenter
2017-08-20update for gtk3Alad Wenter
2016-06-23fix patch URIAlad Wenter
2016-06-12againAlad Wenter
2016-06-12fix pathsAlad Wenter
2016-06-12patch for Wenter
2016-04-12mailAlad Wenter
2016-04-06fix pkgverAlad Wenter
2016-04-06import from AUR3, cleanupAlad Wenter