AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-31Add providesTed Alff
2021-01-30Version bump 0.5.2. Drop python2 bindings.Ted Alff
2020-06-30Use current git commit that includes python 3.8 and gcc 10 fixes post release.Ted Alff
2018-02-16Version bump 0.5.1Ted Alff
2017-12-28Version bump 0.5.0. Split to python and python2 packages which are not curren...Ted Alff
2017-12-20Version bump 0.4.0. Detect thunar version at build time and use 0.3.0 if thun...Ted Alff
2017-12-21Updated dependency to python2-gobject2FabioLolix
2015-05-31New structureCan Celasun