AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-11Use MinSizeRel build configurationJomar Milan
2024-06-11Create packageJomar Milan
2018-01-22Update to 0.60.3Tjahneee
2017-12-08removed unnecessary commandTjahneee
2017-12-08fixed wrong directoryTjahneee
2017-12-08change from bin to sourceTjahneee
2017-11-29update to 0.50.1Tjahneee
2017-11-26Changed install executable from tic to tic80Tjahneee
2017-11-26Update to 0.50.0 and name changeTjahneee
2017-10-24Update to version 0.47Tjahneee
2017-10-10update to 0.46.0Tjahneee
2017-09-28Changed licence to MITTjahneee
2017-09-24changed SRCINFOTjahneee
2017-09-24changed lincenses to customTjahneee
2017-09-24update to 0.45Tjahneee
2017-08-26Update to 0.40.0Tjahneee
2017-08-01changed 32bit link to pkgverTjahneee
2017-07-30add recent emailTjahneee
2017-07-30Added i686 bin for 32 bit, changed md5 to sha256Tjahneee
2017-07-27v3.0 pv=1Tjahneee