AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-12Update to 0.0.20jeancf
2023-11-08Update to 0.0.18jeancf
2023-07-01Update to 0.0.18jeancf
2023-06-29Correct .SRCINFOjeancf
2023-06-29Upgrade to 0.0.17jeancf
2023-01-11Update to 0.0.16-1jeancf
2022-12-16Fixed mode of filesjeancf
2022-12-14Update to 0.0.15jeancf
2020-05-21Capture arguments passed to tiddlydesktop.shjeancf
2020-05-05Update to 0.0.14jeancf
2019-10-12Added dependency on libxssjeancf
2018-09-30Integration of package iconsjeancf
2018-02-09Update to v0.0.13JC Francois
2018-01-10Upgrade to 0.0.11JC Francois
2018-01-08Updated to 0.0.10JC Francois
2018-01-06Added gconf as a dependencyJC Francois
2017-12-19Cleanup of PKGBUILD fileJC Francois
2017-11-29Change of maintainer and update to version 0.0.9JC Francois
2017-05-10update to 0.0.8Maximilian Berger
2015-07-08Initial importvlad