AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-02Update to 5.3.3jeancf
2023-07-05Upstream changed source filejeancf
2023-07-05Upgrade to 5.3.0jeancf
2022-12-20Bump to update checksumjeancf
2022-12-14Update to 5.2.4jeancf
2022-08-02Update to 5.2.3jeancf
2022-05-26Upgrade to 5.2.2jeancf
2022-01-25Update to 5.2.1jeancf
2021-10-10Updated pkgsumsjeancf
2020-12-25Update to 5.1.23jeancf
2020-04-19Update to 5.1.22JC Francois
2019-09-16Update to 5.1.21JC Francois
2019-08-10Fixed checksumjeancf
2019-08-10Update to 5.1.20JC Francois
2019-07-29Updated pkgsumJC Francois
2018-12-20Update to 5.1.19JC Francois
2018-12-06Upgrade to 5.1.18JC Francois
2018-05-12Update to 5.1.17JC Francois
2018-04-29Update to 5.1.16JC Francois
2018-04-19Updated launcher scriptJC Francois
2018-01-24Correctly bumped version to 5.1.15JC Francois
2018-01-19Bumped version to 5.1.15 (no other change)JC Francois
2017-05-10update to 5.1.14Maximilian Berger
2015-07-05Update .SRCINFOvlad
2015-07-05Up sha256sumvlad
2015-06-10Initial importAlexander F Rødseth