AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-31bump rel versionSilverBut
2022-05-31remove package testSilverBut
2022-05-31update srcinfoSilverBut
2022-05-31refactor: move to mesonSilverBut
2019-03-01update past 1.1pre17.25.g2b0aeec0hexa-
2019-02-16bump to 1.1pre17.24.g017a7fb5hexa-
2018-10-08bump to 1.1pre17hexa-
2018-06-13bump to 1.1pre16hexa-
2018-01-16generate systemd unitshexa-
2017-10-25bump to 1.1pre15.13.ge88b3fb5hexa-
2017-09-04bump to 1.1pre15hexa-
2017-03-06fix lzo dependencyhexa-
2016-12-20bump to 1.1pre14.23.g979acc4Martin Weinelt
2016-09-27add git to makedepends by techmunks requestMartin Weinelt
2016-09-27update to 1.1pre14.18.ge6497a2Martin Weinelt
2016-05-01Update to 1.1pre14Martin Weinelt
2016-05-01Update to 1.1pre13.1.g3f6c663Martin Weinelt
2016-04-30Update to 1.1pre13-1Martin Weinelt
2016-04-25update to 1.1pre12-1Martin Weinelt
2016-02-15tinc@.service: tincd is within /usr/bin, /usr/sbin is just a symlinkMartin Weinelt
2016-01-17Update to 1.1pre11-195-g7418e90Martin Weinelt
2015-12-15Update to 1.1pre11.188.gcda5a47Martin Weinelt
2015-11-08Revert to pwn PKGBUILD, upstream one won't start on bootMartin Weinelt
2015-11-07Update to 1.1pre11.177.gbdd8466Martin Weinelt
2015-09-28Update 1.1pre11.173 and use the shipped systemd unitMartin Weinelt
2015-09-12Update to 1.1pre11.168.gae89a25Martin Weinelt
2015-07-27bump to 1.1pre11.164.g9ca1750Martin Weinelt
2015-07-12Update to 1.1pre11.164Martin Weinelt
2015-06-11remove duplicate tinc-gui executable, remove example configuration.Martin Weinelt
2015-06-11tinc-gui: update she-bang to use python2; tinc-gui is horribly out of date th...Martin Weinelt
2015-06-11update to 1.1pre11.144.g45a46f0, fixes a crash in sptps_loggerMartin Weinelt
2015-06-10update pkgver(), add hint to get debug symbolsMartin Weinelt
2015-06-10Create tinc-pre-git packageMartin Weinelt