AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-08-30fixed typoTed Meyer
2016-08-30changed build script, updating pkgbuild accordinglyTed Meyer
2016-04-06bug fixes, better graphs, testing suiteTed Meyer
2015-11-25moved over to stable release, will add a git version soonTed Meyer
2015-10-22fixed more problems! i am not thouroughTed Meyer
2015-10-22fixed some conflicsTed Meyer
2015-10-07update tint3Ted Meyer
2015-09-24damnit, I fixed the version issue at leastTed Meyer
2015-09-24update 195Ted Meyer
2015-09-24fixed a default config file issueTed Meyer
2015-09-24forgot mksrcinfoTed Meyer
2015-09-24updated versionTed Meyer
2015-07-22cant spellTed Meyer
2015-07-22fixed package nameTed Meyer
2015-07-22initial commitTed Meyer