AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-03Update to 2.02.41 - also new maintainerSimon Perry (Pezz)
2023-04-16Version bump 2.02.31 and add aarch64.Mike Sampson
2023-01-02Version bump to 2.02.30Mike Sampson
2022-03-24Bump version to 2.02.20Mike Sampson
2021-09-02Version bump to 2.02.12Mike Sampson
2021-05-09Version bump to v2.02.11Mike Sampson
2021-04-20Version bump, src now on github.Mike Sampson
2020-11-03Bump version to v2.02.05Mike Sampson
2020-06-03Version bump: 2.02.03Mike Sampson
2020-03-21Version bump: v2.02.02Mike Sampson
2020-01-19Bump version to 2.02.01Mike Sampson
2019-11-17Version bump: v2.01.92Mike Sampson
2019-09-27Version bump: 2.01.91Mike Sampson
2019-09-15Version bump and GPL2->GPL3Mike Sampson
2019-07-15Version bump to 2.01.8Mike Sampson
2019-03-29Version bumpMike Sampson
2019-01-24Version bumpMike Sampson
2018-03-15Version bump.Mike Sampson
2017-10-22Version bumpMike Sampson
2017-08-26Add missing dependency.Mike Sampson
2017-03-18Version bump.Mike Sampson
2015-08-23md5 updatedMike Sampson
2015-06-21Initial importMike Sampson