AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-22Upgrade to 1.7.3David Barri
2022-02-07Upgrade to 1.7.2David Barri
2021-04-23Use external aur scriptDavid Barri
2021-04-12Fix auto-upgradeDavid Barri
2021-04-12Upgrade to 1.7.1David Barri
2021-04-12FixDavid Barri
2021-03-21Add test-upgrade; remove commit b3262f2e69bd9be48154cb8ce8ee71dd08e307a0David Barri
2021-03-21Add auto-updateDavid Barri
2020-12-09Support TLA_EXTRA_CLASSPATHDavid Barri
2020-12-08Add tla for the replDavid Barri
2020-12-07Seems the perl -0 flag doesn't work with new version of tlcDavid Barri
2020-12-07Upgrade to 1.7.1David Barri
2020-12-07Add MakefileDavid Barri
2020-12-07More formattingDavid Barri
2020-05-23Upgrade to 1.7.0David Barri
2020-05-23Add clean_buildDavid Barri
2019-08-19Release v1.6.0-2David Barri
2019-03-22Fix installationDavid Barri
2019-03-22Release v1.5.7-2David Barri
2019-03-22Support env vars: TLA_JAVA_{,_OPTS},TLC_{JAVA_,}OPTSDavid Barri
2019-03-17.gitignoreDavid Barri
2019-03-17Add tlc-dist-*David Barri
2019-03-17Add tlc-colourDavid Barri
2019-02-24Fix installationDavid Barri
2019-02-24Ahhh... there's a .SRCINFO file too!David Barri
2019-02-24Revise and updateDavid Barri
2013-04-09tla-tools: 2.1.3 -> 2.1.5Antoine Lubineau
2012-10-14tla-tools: 2.1.0 -> 2.1.3Antoine Lubineau
2012-01-08tla-tools: sha256sums have changedAntoine Lubineau
2011-04-15Fixed small typoAntoine Lubineau
2011-04-15Changed depends to java-runtime (more generic), removed unnecessaryAntoine Lubineau
2011-04-15Tools for the TLA+2 language (SANY, TLC, PlusCal translator and TLATeX)Antoine Lubineau