AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-15bump 1.112.4McModder
2019-08-19Bump to 1.112.3. Please do not mark it out-of-date because of "2.xx" released...McModder
2019-06-10bump to 1.111.1, httpsMcModder
2018-12-13hardcoded checksum, removed jq from makedependsMcModder
2018-12-13added repo mirrors, fixed link to launcherMcModder
2018-10-14Correct package version. Added pkgver(). We now getting checksum and latest a...McModder
2017-09-22Java runtime now greater than or equal 8SMLR
2017-09-16Update pkgrel to 2SMLR
2017-09-16Disable version checkSMLR
2017-09-15Update to 1.96.7SMLR
2017-08-19xorg-xrandr as dependency
2017-03-24Updated to 1.80.20, thanks DeathHackerSMLR
2017-01-08Fix download linkSMLR
2017-01-08Change URL and fix download linkSMLR
2017-01-08Revert to TLauncher Legacy 1.79.14SMLR
2016-12-17Set runtime to version 8SMLR
2016-12-17Change dependSMLR
2016-12-17Change siteSMLR
2016-12-17Updated to 2.1SMLR
2016-10-31Fix versionSMLR
2016-10-31Update to 1.79.14SMLR
2016-07-30Fix version to 1.731SMLR
2016-07-14Updated to 1.761SMLR
2016-04-08Updated to 1.71SMLR
2016-03-08Added icon :-)SMLR
2016-03-08Updated to 1.7, changed link to TLauncher.jarSMLR
2015-11-25Updated to 1.641SaMaLerO
2015-10-25Update version to 1.63SaMaLerO
2015-06-24Update PKGBUILDSaMaLerO
2015-06-24Initial importSaMaLerO