AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-10changed url to httpsMarcin Wieczorek
2019-12-18Version 0.7.5Marcin Wieczorek
2018-12-15Version 0.7.4Marcin Wieczorek
2018-09-05Version 0.7.1Marcin Wieczorek
2017-11-29Version 0.7.0Marcin Wieczorek
2017-01-24Changed source tarball name and added git to makedepsMarcin Wieczorek
2016-06-09Corrected licenseMarcin Wieczorek
2016-03-13update to 061Tomáš Mládek
2016-01-30update to v0.6.0Tomáš Mládek
2015-09-25fix /usr/sbin conflict (ty andy)Tomáš Mládek
2015-09-24update SRCINFOTomáš Mládek
2015-09-24build from sources instead of copying binariesTomáš Mládek
2015-08-29Initial commitTomáš Mládek