AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-13Update to v4.1.3Frank Seifferth
2020-06-03Add zsh completion scripts and fix symlinksFrank Seifferth
2020-05-09bump to v4.1.2Frank Seifferth
2019-05-09bump to v4.1.1Frank Seifferth
2019-04-22Update maintainer nameFrank Seifferth
2019-03-14bump to v4.1.0Frank Seifferth
2019-03-01bump to v4.0.0Frank Seifferth
2019-02-19bump to v3.1.1Frank Seifferth
2018-08-03bump to v3.1.0Frank Seifferth
2018-07-29bump to v3.0.1Frank Seifferth
2018-06-20bump to v3.0.0Frank Seifferth
2018-01-18bump to v2.2.3ber532k
2018-01-08fixup: printsrcinfober532k
2018-01-08fixup: depends on tmux, obviouslyber532k
2018-01-08bump to 2.2.2ber532k
2017-11-15bump to 2.2.1ber532k
2017-09-11new versionber532k
2017-07-08initial commitber532k