AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-30Update to version 1.1.4Luca Cesari
2019-12-11Update to version 1.1.3Luca Cesari
2019-11-05Update to version 1.1.2Luca Cesari
2019-06-04Update to version 1.1.1Luca Cesari
2019-05-19Update to version 1.1.0Luca Cesari
2019-05-02Update to version 1.0.0Luca Cesari
2019-01-08Update to version 0.15.0Luca Cesari
2018-11-06Update to version 0.13.0Luca Cesari
2018-08-05Update to version 0.12.0Luca Cesari
2018-04-21Update to version 0.11.1Luca Cesari
2018-02-05Fix typo in gem dir location commandLuca Cesari
2018-02-03Update to version 0.10.1Luca Cesari
2017-11-19Fix typo in PKGBUILDLuca Cesari
2017-11-19Update to version 0.10.0Luca Cesari
2016-12-18Update to version 0.9.0Luca Cesari
2016-08-21Update to version 0.8.1Luca Cesari
2015-11-29Update SRCINFO for version 0.7.0Luca Cesari
2015-11-29Update to version 0.7.0Luca Cesari
2015-08-20Remove ruby-activesupport dependencyLuca Cesari
2015-07-12Update to 0.6.11Luca Cesari