AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-18meta: Update contributor contact infoKenneth J. Miller
2021-12-28Bump pkg release to force rebuild on updated depsKenneth J. Miller
2021-12-13Bump package release and update maintainerKenneth J. Miller
2021-10-077.5.363Kenneth J. Miller
2020-10-237.5.324Serge Pavlyuk
2020-09-247.5.283Serge Pavlyuk
2020-09-137.5.260Serge Pavlyuk
2020-08-157.5.247Serge Pavlyuk
2020-04-13bump up rel versionSerge Pavlyuk
2020-02-217.5.50Serge Pavlyuk
2020-02-037.5.33Serge Pavlyuk
2020-01-227.5.24Serge Pavlyuk
2020-01-097.5.4Serge Pavlyuk
2019-12-207.4.1102-1Serge Pavlyuk
2019-10-097.4.1020-2Serge Pavlyuk
2019-10-027.4.1020-1Serge Pavlyuk
2019-09-207.4.528-3Serge Pavlyuk
2019-09-177.4.528-2Serge Pavlyuk
2019-09-117.4.528Serge Pavlyuk
2019-09-02Vesion bumpupSerge Pavlyuk
2019-08-127.4.510Serge Pavlyuk
2019-07-30Forcing to rebuld with new poco versionSerge Pavlyuk
2019-04-30changed TOGGL_ALLOW_UPDATE_CHECK=ON flagSerge Pavlyuk
2019-04-30update to 7.4.410Serge Pavlyuk
2019-04-30added -DTOGGL_PRODUCTION_BUILD=ON flag to cmakeSerge Pavlyuk
2019-02-277.4.347Serge Pavlyuk
2018-05-09version bumpSerge Pavlyuk
2018-05-09gcc-libs added as dependencySerge Pavlyuk
2018-05-03pkgrel version bumpSerge Pavlyuk
2018-05-03Using internal poco and openssl libsSerge Pavlyuk
2018-05-02added back poco as dependencySerge Pavlyuk
2018-05-01Version 7.4.144 and removed poco depsSerge Pavlyuk
2018-02-27Revert "Reverted poco patch usage."Serge Pavlyuk
2018-02-27Reverted poco patch usage.Serge Pavlyuk
2018-01-31.SRCINFO update for 7.4.107Serge Pavlyuk
2018-01-31version update 7.4.107Serge Pavlyuk
2018-01-22add phi-mah contributor recognitionSamuel Walladge
2018-01-22merge patch from flopsSamuel Walladge
2017-11-06bump versionSamuel Walladge
2017-09-19bump versionSamuel Walladge
2017-08-29bump versionSamuel Walladge
2017-07-03update to 7.4.52Samuel Walladge
2017-06-17add updated .srcinfo (oops, sorry)Samuel Walladge
2017-06-15bump version, force make to run one job at a timeSamuel Walladge
2017-05-18bump version to 7.4.38Samuel Walladge
2017-02-24bump versionSamuel Walladge
2017-02-18bump versionSamuel Walladge
2017-02-10update to 7.4.18Samuel Walladge
2017-01-24bump package release, update conflictsSamuel Walladge
2017-01-24initial commit of new pkgbuild using from sourceSamuel Walladge