AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-03upgpkg: tomb 2.9-3Alexandre Pujol
2022-06-02upgpkg: pass-audit 1.2-1Alexandre Pujol
2021-07-04upgpkg: tomb 2.9-2Alexandre Pujol
2021-01-15upgpkg: tomb 2.9-1Alexandre Pujol
2020-11-29upgpkg: tomb 2.8.1-1Alexandre Pujol
2020-11-17upgpkg: tomb 2.8-1Alexandre Pujol
2020-01-03upgpkg: tomb 2.7-2Alexandre Pujol
2019-10-13upgpkg: tomb 2.7-1Alexandre Pujol
2019-09-07upgpkg: tomb 2.6-3Alexandre Pujol
2019-09-06upgpkg: tomb 2.6-2Alexandre Pujol
2019-07-21Bump to 2.6-1parazyd
2018-01-08Bump to 2.5-1parazyd
2017-04-17update srcinfoparazyd
2017-04-17bump to 2.4-1parazyd
2017-01-03bump to 2.3-1parazyd
2016-01-15fixed tomb-kdf build issueparazyd
2016-01-14updated pkgname to pkgbase, possibly fixed issueparazyd
2016-01-01updated optdependsparazyd
2016-01-01release 2.2parazyd
2015-08-07Update to version 2.1.1Rich Li
2015-07-23Update to version 2.1Rich Li
2015-06-10Import version 2.0.1 from old AURRich Li