AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-07Force to rebuild with python 3.6Anthony Ruhier
2016-11-07New releaseAnthony Ruhier
2016-11-07Bump to 0.0.6Anthony Ruhier
2016-11-07Bump to version 0.0.5Anthony Ruhier
2015-12-28Bump to version 0.0.4Anthony Ruhier
2015-12-16Bump to version 0.0.3Anthony Ruhier
2015-12-05Bump to 0.0.2Anthony Ruhier
2015-12-02Fix ridiculous typoAnthony Ruhier
2015-12-02Add python-argparse as dependencyAnthony Ruhier
2015-12-02Add python-setuptools as dependencyAnthony Ruhier
2015-12-02Initial commitAnthony Ruhier