AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-06Upgrade to 6.3.2André Klitzing
2022-11-26Upgrade to 6.3.1André Klitzing
2022-09-13Upgrade to 6.2.2André Klitzing
2022-07-17Upgrade to 6.2André Klitzing
2022-06-22Upgrade to 6.1.3André Klitzing
2022-05-07Upgrade to 6.1.2André Klitzing
2022-04-08Upgrade to 6.1.1André Klitzing
2022-03-12Upgrade to 6.1André Klitzing
2022-03-07Revert "Bump to 6.1rc0 from repository"André Klitzing
2022-03-07Bump to 6.1rc0 from repositoryAndré Klitzing
2021-12-14BumpAndré Klitzing
2021-12-14Use cdAndré Klitzing
2021-12-14Remove quotes for wildcardAndré Klitzing
2021-12-14Use wildcard for python versionAndré Klitzing
2021-12-13Upgrade to python 3.10André Klitzing
2021-12-12Upgrade to 6.0André Klitzing
2021-12-03Upgrade to 5.9.3André Klitzing
2021-09-04Upgrade to 5.9André Klitzing
2021-07-20Upgrade to 5.8.1André Klitzing
2021-05-11Upgrade to 5.8André Klitzing
2021-03-15Upgrade to 5.7.1André Klitzing
2021-02-04Upgrade to 5.7André Klitzing
2020-12-07Upgrade to 5.6.1André Klitzing
2020-12-03Rebuild for python 3.9André Klitzing
2020-11-03Upgrade to 5.6André Klitzing
2020-10-06Upgrade to 5.5.2André Klitzing
2020-09-13Remove useless makedependsAndré Klitzing
2020-09-13Remove useless makedependsAndré Klitzing
2020-09-13Upgrade to 5.5.1André Klitzing
2020-08-10Use release 5.5André Klitzing
2020-08-06Upgrade to 5.5.0rc0+André Klitzing
2020-07-15Upgrade to 5.4.2André Klitzing
2020-07-03Move from to foss.heptapod.netAndré Klitzing
2020-06-11Upgrade to 5.4.1 and use Arch's mercurial againAndré Klitzing
2020-05-16Update to tagged changeset 5.4André Klitzing
2020-04-14Upgrade to 5.3.2André Klitzing
2020-03-16Upgrade to 5.3.1André Klitzing
2020-02-18Use mercurial-python3 until mercurial package is python3André Klitzing
2020-02-07Use current stable head because of py3André Klitzing
2020-01-28Use Mercurial 5.2.2 because of python3André Klitzing
2019-11-19Upgrade to 5.2.0 development releaseAndré Klitzing
2019-09-12Upgrade to 5.1 tagAndré Klitzing
2019-07-24upgrade to 5.0.2André Klitzing
2019-06-04Use 5.0 snapshot until final releaseAndré Klitzing
2019-02-25Upgrade to 4.9André Klitzing
2018-12-27Upgrade to 4.8.1André Klitzing
2018-11-16.SRCINFOAndré Klitzing
2018-11-16Upgrade to 4.8André Klitzing
2018-10-30Upgrade to 4.7.2André Klitzing
2018-09-18Upgrade to 4.7.1André Klitzing