AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysupgpkg: tpm2-abrmd-git 2.3.0.r3.ba15348-1Jonas Witschel
2019-09-28Update maintainer email addressJonas Witschel
2019-09-17Depend on repository packages instead of VCS packagesJonas Witschel
2019-09-05upgpkg: tpm2-abrmd-git 2.2.0.r4.dd42371-1Jonas Witschel
2019-04-18Simplify pkgver()Jonas Witschel
2019-02-21Remove patch for autoconf-archive 2019.01.06 included upstreamJonas Witschel
2019-01-28upgpkg: tpm2-abrmd-git 2.1.0rc1.r2.a93cc0b-1Jonas Witschel
2019-01-27Prefix custom variable name with underscoreJonas Witschel
2019-01-15Simplify duplicate ./configure callJonas Witschel
2019-01-12Move sysusers.d configuration to tpm2-tss, remove useless systemd.presetJonas Witschel
2019-01-08Patch Makefile to work with autoconf-archive 2019.01.06Jonas Witschel
2018-12-10Update pkgdescJonas Witschel
2018-10-31Simplify sysusers.d configurationJonas Witschel
2018-09-12Revert hotfix for glib2 2.58 as problem has been fixed upstreamJonas Witschel
2018-09-11Fix build for glib2 2.58Jonas Witschel
2018-08-02Remove superfluous configure options; Add test suiteJonas Witschel
2018-07-28Clean up PKGBUILD and update maintainerJonas Witschel
2017-07-31add missing userHaochen Tong
2017-07-30newpkg: tpm2-abrmd-gitHaochen Tong