AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-02Update to 10.2.4Mathias Buhr
2019-04-27Update to 10.1.14 betaMathias Buhr
2019-01-25Update to 10.0.15Mathias Buhr
2018-11-30Update to 9.3.6Mathias Buhr
2018-10-05Remove libcurl-compat dependencyMathias Buhr
2018-09-15Fix erroneous buildMathias Buhr
2018-09-15Update to 9.3.4 betaMathias Buhr
2018-02-16Update to 9.0.32Mathias Buhr
2018-02-08Updated to 9.0.30Mathias Buhr
2018-02-01Updated to most recent releaseMathias Buhr
2018-01-25Updated to new versionMathias Buhr
2018-01-12Updated versionMathias Buhr
2018-01-06Updated pkgverMathias Buhr
2018-01-06Minor build changeMathias Buhr
2018-01-06Initial package versionMathias Buhr