AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-09Update to v0.9.1Angelo Theodorou
2022-11-05Update to v0.9Angelo Theodorou
2022-09-20Move xdg-desktop-portal to the optdepends arrayAngelo Theodorou
2022-08-07Add xdg-desktop-portal to the depends arrayAngelo Theodorou
2022-07-08Update to v0.8.2Angelo Theodorou
2022-04-30Update to v0.8.1Angelo Theodorou
2022-04-17Install trace file MIME type and icon from GitHubAngelo Theodorou
2022-04-14Install the official XDG Desktop entry from GitHubAngelo Theodorou
2022-03-30Update to v0.8Angelo Theodorou
2021-06-25Update to v0.7.8Angelo Theodorou
2021-04-19Update to v0.7.7Angelo Theodorou
2021-02-14Update to v0.7.6Angelo Theodorou
2021-01-30Update to v0.7.5Angelo Theodorou
2020-11-15Update to v0.7.4Angelo Theodorou
2020-10-10Update to v0.7.3Angelo Theodorou
2020-10-03-Update source URL to use GitHubAngelo Theodorou
2020-09-28Update to v0.7.2Angelo Theodorou
2020-08-30Update to v0.7.1Angelo Theodorou
2020-06-21Update to v0.7Angelo Theodorou
2020-05-12Update to v0.6.3Angelo Theodorou
2020-01-28Update to v.0.6.2Angelo Theodorou
2020-01-12Update to v0.6.1Angelo Theodorou
2019-08-27Update to v0.5Angelo Theodorou
2019-02-18Update to v0.4.1Angelo Theodorou
2018-12-19Initial import of the Tracy frame profiler at v0.4Angelo Theodorou
2016-09-27Bump version to 0.08.Daichi Shinozaki
2015-06-09Initial importDaichi Shinozaki