AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-14Rename to git packageFalk Alexander Seidl
2017-11-04Fix cmakeFalk Alexander Seidl
2017-08-15Updated release numer in pkgbuild to prevent endless updatesFalk Alexander Seidl
2017-08-12Fixed source url, compiling instructions and dependenciesFalk Alexander Seidl
2016-09-05Updated version (r62.93563a9 -> r63.eb72f30).AUR Update Bot
2016-05-11Added autoconf to makedepends. Fixed building.Ian Brunelli
2016-02-13Updated version (r58.b965eb1 -> r62.93563a9).AUR Update Bot
2015-07-17Updated version (r57.baf688f -> r58.b965eb1).AUR Update Bot
2015-06-20Fixed the conflicts.Ian Brunelli
2015-06-09Updated license.Ian Brunelli
2015-06-08Updated version to follow the "VCS package guidelines". Added gitignore.Ian Brunelli
2015-06-08Initial import.Ian Brunelli