AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-12adopted packageGabriel B Casella
2022-03-10fix buildwhoizit
2021-10-05Add patch to fix autoconf errorThomas Laroche
2020-05-27Sequential patch bug fixesThomas Laroche
2020-05-27Update to 3.00Thomas Laroche
2019-09-04libevent 2.1.11 rebuildThomas Laroche
2018-06-19Update to 2.94Thomas Laroche
2018-01-30Update to 2.93Thomas Laroche
2017-04-25Updated to support OpenSSL 1.1.x & sync with official packageThomas Laroche
2016-05-10Fix m4 error after GCC/glibc upgradeThomas Laroche
2016-04-01Removed check function because it is buggyThomas Laroche
2016-03-20Fix conditional compilationThomas Laroche
2016-03-20Fix for makepkg not providing --pkg option anymoreThomas Laroche
2016-03-19Fixes according to official transmission PKGBUILD && enable testsThomas Laroche
2016-03-19Update to 2.92 and use gitHub repo instead of patchThomas Laroche
2015-10-16Add ARM platformsThomas Laroche
2015-10-16Fix for API change in miniupnpThomas Laroche
2015-07-02Initial importThomas Laroche