AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-09-12updated version download link and shasumJeremiah Korreck
2022-09-14Version bumpZion Nimchuk
2022-05-11Version bump to 0.26.1Zion Nimchuk
2022-03-17Version bump to 0.25.9Zion Nimchuk
2022-02-18Version bump to 0.25.8Zion Nimchuk
2022-02-14Version bumpZion Nimchuk
2022-02-13Version bumpZion Nimchuk
2022-01-05Version bumpZion Nimchuk
2021-11-15Version bumpZion Nimchuk
2021-10-25Version updateZion Nimchuk
2021-10-23Version updateZion Nimchuk
2021-10-07Version updateZion Nimchuk
2021-09-28Version updateZion Nimchuk
2021-09-24Version update and add breaking change warning on post_upgradeZion Nimchuk
2021-09-20Version updateZion Nimchuk
2021-08-12Version updateZion Nimchuk
2021-07-28Version bumpZion Nimchuk
2021-07-19Version bumpZion Nimchuk
2021-07-12Version bump to 0.21.3Zion Nimchuk
2021-07-07Version bump to 0.21.2Zion Nimchuk
2021-05-26Version bumpZion Nimchuk
2021-05-05Change project url as wellZion Nimchuk
2021-05-05Change source url and update checksum to sha1 to align with officially provid...Zion Nimchuk
2021-04-26Version bump to 0.20.3Zion Nimchuk
2021-04-15Version bump to 0.20.1Zion Nimchuk
2021-04-12Version bump and shorten descriptionZion Nimchuk
2021-03-29Version bump and switch to official GitHub binaryZion Nimchuk
2021-03-20Initial commitZion Nimchuk