AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-10-21update to 2.0.32Luis Martinez
2021-07-19move udev rules to /usr/libLuis Martinez
2021-07-15update to 2.0.31Luis Martinez
2020-11-10Upgrade to version 2.0.30Plague Doctor
2020-05-06Latest releasePlague Doctor
2020-03-10Upgrade to version 2.0.29Plague Doctor
2020-02-12Upgrade to version 2.0.28Plague Doctor
2019-05-16Upgrade to version 2.0.27Plague Doctor
2019-03-12Upgrade to version 2.0.26. Small fix.Plague Doctor
2019-03-12Upgrade to version 2.0.26Plague Doctor
2018-11-14Upgrade to version 2.0.25Plague Doctor
2018-09-30Bump up to version 2.0.24Plague Doctor
2018-09-10Upgrade to version 2.0.23Plague Doctor
2018-08-23Upgrade to version 2.0.21Plague Doctor
2018-07-13Upgrade to version 2.0.20Plague Doctor
2018-07-07TREZOR Bridge (written in Go) - first commit.Plague Doctor