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2018-12-23Update date commenttrougnouf (Benoit Brummer)
2018-12-23Add lac de Virelles and update checksumtrougnouf (Benoit Brummer)
2018-10-11update checksumstrougnouf
2018-09-26Add mont des artsBenoit Brummer
2018-09-26update sha256sum for water treatment plantBenoit Brummer
2018-08-12Add picture from Stawamus Chief Provincial Park, BCtrougnouf
2018-06-12Update checksum (darker fort de la chartreuse)trougnouf
2018-06-08Update checksum on the forttrougnouf
2018-06-08Update Fort de la Chartreuse's checksumBenoit Brummer
2018-06-05Update tunnel belliard checksumtrougnouf
2018-06-02Rotate pigeon, update sha256Benoit Brummer
2018-06-02Generate .xml files from template, add a pigeonBenoit Brummer
2018-05-05Implement bash magic by /u/w1ldm4nBenoit Brummer
2018-05-04Put filenames into arrayBenoit Brummer
2018-05-03bugfix (blank tree)Benoit Brummer
2018-05-02Bugfix (missing img_tree filename)trougnouf
2018-05-02Update to 1.2 (Doel backgrounds)trougnouf
2018-04-18Add Ardennes pictureBenoit Brummer
2018-04-18Initial committrougnouf