AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-30Update to 2.4.47-1Björn Bidar
2020-09-20Change license install path to follow arch guidelinesAlexis Janon
2020-09-20Remove unnecessary build phaseAlexis Janon
2020-09-20Obfuscate maintainer emailAlexis Janon
2020-09-19Update to 2.1.43Alexis Janon
2020-09-15Updated Maintainer and contributor information in PKGBUILDAlexis Janon
2020-09-15Bump to 2.1.42Alexis Janon
2020-09-15Install license directly as $pkgname to follow packaging guidelinesAlexis Janon
2020-09-15Use 'woff2' package for woff2 decompress insted of woff2-gitAlexis Janon
2020-09-15Remove fontconfig and xorg utils from dependenciesAlexis Janon
2020-09-15Remove post_install stepAlexis Janon
2020-02-11Bump to 2.1.39JR Boyens
2020-01-23Bump to 2.1.38JR Boyens
2019-12-24Bump to 2.1.37JR Boyens
2019-10-21Bump to 2.1.36JR Boyens
2019-08-21Bump to 2.1.35JR Boyens
2019-08-19Bump to 2.1.34JR Boyens
2019-06-01Bump to 2.1.33JR Boyens
2019-05-28Update SRCINFO for bumpJR Boyens
2019-05-28Bump to latest versionJR Boyens
2018-07-25Update to 2.1.22sballert
2017-05-04Wrong file pathAlex Whitt
2017-05-03Adding install scriptAlex Whitt
2017-05-03Updating SRCINFOAlex Whitt
2017-05-03Fixing dependenciesAlex Whitt
2017-05-03Initial commitAlex Whitt