AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-10ttf-font-awesome-pro: update to 6.5.2Moritz Poldrack
2022-11-03updated fontawesome to 6.2.0Moritz Poldrack
2022-07-31also updated .SRCINFO to v6.1.2Moritz Poldrack
2022-07-31updated to v6.1.2Moritz Poldrack
2022-06-18updated to 6.1.1Moritz Poldrack
2022-03-16updated package to 6.1.0Moritz Poldrack
2022-03-16set config test to use npmMoritz Poldrack
2022-03-16updated package to 6.0.0Moritz Poldrack
2022-03-16updated package to 5.15.4Moritz Poldrack
2021-01-30updated package to 5.15.2Moritz Poldrack
2020-10-22updated package to 5.15.1Moritz Poldrack
2020-10-02updated package to 5.15.0Moritz Poldrack
2020-07-16fixed npm-versionMoritz Poldrack
2020-07-16updated package to 5.14.0Moritz Poldrack
2020-07-12fixed PKGBUILDMoritz Poldrack
2020-07-12added provides tag to PKGBUILDMoritz Poldrack
2020-07-10updated package to 5.13.1Moritz Poldrack
2020-03-30Updated Architecture in SRCINFOMoritz Poldrack
2020-03-30corrected architectureMoritz Poldrack
2020-03-30added Package Description to SRCINFOMoritz Poldrack
2020-03-30initial commit for FontAwesome Pro Version 5.13.0Moritz Poldrack