AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-23Removing Rubik revert in prepareandrewSC
2020-07-15Adding fontconfig to makedepsandrewSC
2020-05-31Disabling merge rename detectionandrewSC
2020-03-12removing unnecessary deps, adding ttf-caladea to conflicts/providesandrewSC
2019-10-09Adding prepare block to address ongoing font issuesAndrew Crerar
2019-01-22Adding zcool xiaowei renaming, updated conflictsAndrew Crerar
2018-10-21Removing special character renaming as its not needed anymoreAndrew Crerar
2018-04-11Removing cwtex* and adding nanum*Andrew Crerar
2017-11-21Removing redundant commands during installation, licenses now follow the form...Andrew Crerar
2017-11-16Updating sed command to reflect fix in fontconfig 2.12.6+5+g665584a-1Andrew Crerar
2017-11-15Single quoting array items, format cleanupAndrew Crerar
2017-11-13Bumping pkgrelAndrew Crerar
2017-11-13Updating dependencies as well as fonts that this package does not provide any...Andrew Crerar
2017-11-13Using $srcdir instead of relative dir for some aur helpersAndrew Crerar
2017-11-11Refactoring package()Andrew Crerar
2017-11-10Adding cantarell-fonts as dep, removing fonts/ofl/cantarell as part of this pkgAndrew Crerar
2017-11-09Adding official font packages as deps., removing repo fonts from install if s...Andrew Crerar
2017-11-04Updating conflicts and provides to include ttf-ubuntu-font-familyAndrew Crerar
2017-11-04Updating licenses, removing ttf-droid from conflicts and provides (no longer ...Andrew Crerar
2017-11-02Cleanup formatting and add epoch for version changeAndrew Crerar
2017-11-01Replacing version generator with correct implementationAndrew Crerar
2017-10-13Turning conflicts into an actual list of conflicts... Adding ttf-arabeyes-fon...Andrew Crerar
2017-10-13Adding ttf-arabeyes-fonts as a conflicting packageAndrew Crerar
2017-10-13Updating maintainerAndrew Crerar
2017-09-09update to v20170830Mohammadreza Abdollahzadeh
2017-07-24update to v20170723Mohammadreza Abdollahzadeh
2017-07-06remove noto-fonts as conflict and add it as dependenciesMohammadreza Abdollahzadeh
2017-06-18add ttf-lora-cyrillic as conflict, update to v20170614Mohammadreza Abdollahzadeh
2016-12-16add ttf-overpassvlad
2016-09-05add ttf-croscorevlad
2015-11-24up .SRCINFOvlad
2015-11-24add noto-fonts to provides/conflictsvlad
2015-07-09Add ttf-noto, ttf-roboto-monovlad
2015-07-08Initial importvlad