AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-28Update my nameCourtney Swagar
2021-08-05Update email on all my packagesTyler Swagar
2020-09-30Remove legacy dependencyTyler Swagar
2020-06-30Remove legacy dependenciesTyler Swagar
2017-04-23Bumped the version number in case someone still has ttf-heuristica-ib installedTyler Swagar
2017-04-23I'm forgetful and didn't update .SRCINFOTyler Swagar
2017-04-23Why didn't I add a conflict with ttf-heuristica-ib forever ago?Tyler Swagar
2017-02-13Remove redundant .installTyler Swagar
2017-01-14Replace infinality packagesTyler Swagar
2017-01-10Change links to HTTPSTyler Swagar
2017-01-10initial commitEdgard Castro