AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysUpdated to version 8.00+1+f9dfbc2Jack Chen
4 daysUpdated to version +1+Jack Chen
2023-01-18Updated to version 8.00+1+f9dfbc2Jack Chen
2023-01-18Updated to version +1+Jack Chen
2022-10-09Update PKGBUILDJack Chen
2022-10-09Update PKGBUILDJack Chen
2022-10-09update to 8.00-Jack Chen
2020-12-27Updated to version 7.01+1+0f6c2ffKaizhao Zhang
2020-09-17Updated to version 7.00+1+8258880Kaizhao Zhang
2020-07-03Remove transitional package xorg-font-utilsKaizhao Zhang
2020-04-15Updated to version 6.12+2+e948fb4Kaizhao Zhang
2020-04-10Updated to version 6.12+1+a2728a7Kaizhao Zhang
2020-04-07Updated to version 6.12+0+460c4d4Kaizhao Zhang
2019-07-19Updated to version 6.10+0+ba7f030Kaizhao Zhang
2018-12-28Initial import with version 6.00+1+a3ebddbKaizhao Zhang