AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-12-16Update everything for v28 / devAndy Kluger
2022-11-21Update branch name and build plans exampleAndy Kluger
2021-09-17new options and option namesAndy Kluger
2021-08-08update update updateAndy Kluger
2021-06-02updates for major version 7Andy Kluger
2021-04-30new version scheme, shallow checkouts, updated variantsAndy Kluger
2021-04-29update build plansAndy Kluger
2021-01-25add many new options, and try motion serifs in the sample configAndy Kluger
2020-11-25capital g toothless corner; narrower capital i; use dev branchAndy Kluger
2020-11-22update configs; see archbuilder_iosevka repo for detailsAndy Kluger
2020-11-10correct v-bar-natural-slope -> natural-slopeAndy Kluger
2020-11-09new config format for iosevka v4Andy Kluger
2020-10-29drop obsolete makedeps and update character variantsAndy Kluger
2020-08-10cornered tailed q, crossing Q, hatless J, tailed aAndy Kluger
2020-07-15tailed d; toothless cornered b; rounder DAndy Kluger
2020-07-01drop outdated depsAndy Kluger
2020-06-25open curved 6; flat top &; semi open 4; bottom heavy B; tailed q; straight 9;...Andy Kluger
2020-05-31version bump; backslash 0; curly λ, sans j, lower ¶, open 9Andy Kluger
2020-03-26add afdko makedep; set toothless 'u' by defaultAndy Kluger
2020-03-13replace custom toothless G patch with new upstream variantAndy Kluger
2020-03-07fix 'term' and 'fixed' design variant namesAndy Kluger
2020-03-06new name for formerly-iosevka-termAndy Kluger