AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-14Update version to v0.037Bart Janssens
2021-03-24Update version to v0.036Bart Janssens
2021-02-05Update version to v0.032Bart Janssens
2021-01-29Update version to v0.031Bart Janssens
2021-01-15Update version to v0.030Bart Janssens
2021-01-04Update version to v0.029Bart Janssens
2020-12-08Update version to v0.028Bart Janssens
2020-11-16Update version to v0.027Bart Janssens
2020-11-10Update version to v0.026Bart Janssens
2020-11-03Update version to v0.025Bart Janssens
2020-10-18Update version to v0.022Bart Janssens
2020-10-16Update version to v0.021Bart Janssens
2020-09-13Bump version to v0.014Bart Janssens
2020-08-27Update to version 0.010Bart Janssens
2020-08-17Update to version 0.008Bart Janssens
2020-08-10Add JuliaMono font packageBart Janssens