AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-28Remove gitignore, not part of Arch packaging guidelinesCaleb Maclennan
2019-08-26Cleanup bash shell quoting using shellhardenCaleb Maclennan
2018-09-01Regenerate obsolete meta data using `makepkg --printsrcinfo`Caleb Maclennan
2018-09-01Update .gitignore file for easy bulk repository managementCaleb Maclennan
2018-07-26Update upstream project URLCaleb Maclennan
2018-03-02Remove obsolete AUR3 meta data fileCaleb Maclennan
2018-03-02Add .gitignore file for easier repository managementCaleb Maclennan
2018-03-02Remove post_install() function obsoleted by system hooksCaleb Maclennan
2017-01-21Ahem, more fixes to make Marcel_K happy, also override the svn locale to acco...John D Jones III
2017-01-18Heh, remove offensive pwdJohn D Jones III
2017-01-18Update to use proper VCS feature in makepkgJohn D Jones III
2015-06-16Initial importJohn D Jones III