AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-11update to 2022 versionJishnu Mohan
2020-09-27update package with guidelinesJishnu Mohan
2020-01-102020 releaseJishnu Mohan
2019-05-28v3 updateJishnu Mohan
2018-04-11use sha256Jishnu Mohan
2018-04-11add licenseJishnu Mohan
2017-09-12update to 2017 versionJishnu Mohan
2017-06-012.0.0 releaseJishnu Mohan
2016-06-19Updating checksumsAashik
2016-04-14Minor fixes on fonts before upcoming major release, Fixed maintainer emailAashik
2016-01-16Updating md5sums for fixed releasesR Daneel
2015-07-23Initial import from AURR Daneel