AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-12add maintainer infoChristopher Snowhill
2024-02-04Update to version 10.0.22631.2428Christopher Snowhill
2024-02-04Fix loop device detectionChristopher Snowhill
2022-11-17Update to version 10.0.22621.525loryeam
2022-09-23Revert "Do not use httpdirfs permanent cache by default"loryeam
2022-09-23Do not use httpdirfs permanent cache by defaultloryeam
2022-09-23base package should provide emoji-fontVaporeon
2022-09-23Update to Windows 11 22H2loryeam
2022-09-23Overwrite font files by default when extractingloryeam
2022-05-22Increment the package release numberloryeam
2022-05-22Update documentationloryeam
2022-05-21Do not mount loop device if it is already mountedloryeam
2022-05-21Delete loop device of test.mount after testingloryeam
2022-05-06initial commitloryeam