AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-25added cmake to makedependsPhilip Johansson
2022-12-21changed to cmake projectPhilip Johansson
2021-08-13changed from O3 to OfastPhilip Johansson
2021-06-28hopefully fixed so that the message gets printedPhilip Johansson
2021-06-28removed duplicate linePhilip Johansson
2021-06-28changed the messages that prints regarding the configPhilip Johansson
2021-06-14added enums to configPhilip Johansson
2021-06-14updated readme with screenshotsPhilip Johansson
2021-06-14updated to match git-versionPhilip Johansson
2021-06-13updated versionPhilip Johansson
2021-06-13added a way to edit config.hPhilip Johansson
2021-06-12working pkgbuildPhilip Johansson
2021-06-12fixed another mistake in packagePhilip Johansson
2021-06-12fixed mistake in buildPhilip Johansson
2021-06-12initial commitPhilip Johansson