AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-04no force redraw, bug fixRasmus Lindroth
2021-11-24add help msgRasmus Lindroth
2021-11-23bug fix for cmdbars backgroundRasmus Lindroth
2021-11-23bug fixes and status notificationRasmus Lindroth
2021-11-04vote support and template for profilesRasmus Lindroth
2021-11-02yank status and user. terminal in custom and patternRasmus Lindroth
2021-10-23option to open in terminal instead of externalRasmus Lindroth
2021-10-02max width and template supportRasmus Lindroth
2021-09-29new version with bug fixesRasmus Lindroth
2021-09-12fix replyRasmus Lindroth
2021-09-12icons and listsRasmus Lindroth
2021-09-12hide notification textRasmus Lindroth
2021-09-12ability to change layoutRasmus Lindroth
2021-08-30show favs and reverse filesRasmus Lindroth
2021-08-26show users in notifications and bug fixesRasmus Lindroth
2021-08-19cycle tootsRasmus Lindroth
2021-07-28add secrets and short hintsRasmus Lindroth
2021-07-27support for multiple usersRasmus Lindroth
2021-07-27bug fix for thread viewRasmus Lindroth
2021-07-27notifications and char limitRasmus Lindroth
2021-07-26fix crashRasmus Lindroth
2021-07-26More open options in tutRasmus Lindroth
2021-06-30minor bug fixRasmus Lindroth
2021-06-30You can now quote in your replies, plus bug fixesRasmus Lindroth
2021-06-29Version 0.0.18. Added bookmarksRasmus Lindroth
2020-09-07New release 0.0.17. Relative dates and bug fixesRasmus Lindroth
2020-07-27Bugfix for notification inputRasmus Lindroth
2020-07-27Media desc and notification feedRasmus Lindroth
2020-07-23Added visibility to tootsRasmus Lindroth
2020-07-16Support for pgup/dn and different colors in modesRasmus Lindroth
2020-06-28Added support for colors from xrdbRasmus Lindroth
2020-06-14bug fix so it doesn't freezeRasmus Lindroth
2020-05-08Add arguments to viewers like image and videoRasmus Lindroth
2020-04-10Bug fix on profiles and boostsRasmus Lindroth
2020-04-10New commands and searching usersRasmus Lindroth
2020-04-09First AUR release of tutRasmus Lindroth