AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-26upgrade to version 2.0.1Rasmus Lindroth
2023-01-23upgrade to version 2.0.0Rasmus Lindroth
2023-01-01upgrade to version 1.0.34Rasmus Lindroth
2022-12-31upgrade to version 1.0.33Rasmus Lindroth
2022-12-31upgrade to version 1.0.32Rasmus Lindroth
2022-12-29upgrade to version 1.0.31Rasmus Lindroth
2022-12-21upgrade to version 1.0.30Rasmus Lindroth
2022-12-20upgrade to version 1.0.29Rasmus Lindroth
2022-12-18upgrade to version 1.0.28Rasmus Lindroth
2022-12-18upgrade to version 1.0.26Rasmus Lindroth
2022-12-15upgrade to version 1.0.26Rasmus Lindroth
2022-12-13upgrade to version 1.0.25Rasmus Lindroth
2022-11-29upgrade to version 1.0.24Rasmus Lindroth
2022-11-27upgrade to version 1.0.23Rasmus Lindroth
2022-11-25upgrade to version 1.0.22Rasmus Lindroth
2022-11-24upgrade to version 1.0.21Rasmus Lindroth
2022-11-23upgrade to version 1.0.20Rasmus Lindroth
2022-11-20upgrade to version 1.0.19Rasmus Lindroth
2022-11-17upgrade to version 1.0.18Rasmus Lindroth
2022-08-13mouse support and clear notificationsRasmus Lindroth
2022-08-02upgrade to version 1.0.16Rasmus Lindroth
2022-07-27upgrade to version 1.0.15Rasmus Lindroth
2022-07-21more styling and terminal titleRasmus Lindroth
2022-07-17bug fix for input on profilesRasmus Lindroth
2022-07-16local themes and newer commandRasmus Lindroth
2022-06-04pinned tootsRasmus Lindroth
2022-05-27add dynamic layoutRasmus Lindroth
2022-05-22add preferencesRasmus Lindroth
2022-05-16add support for creating pollsRasmus Lindroth
2022-05-15support for multiple windowsRasmus Lindroth
2022-05-14filter support and leader tagRasmus Lindroth
2022-05-10support for leader keyRasmus Lindroth
2022-05-10bug fixesRasmus Lindroth
2022-05-09custom keysRasmus Lindroth
2022-05-09support for custom keysRasmus Lindroth
2022-05-07fix config dirsRasmus Lindroth
2022-05-07show notification feed and exit nicelyRasmus Lindroth
2022-05-05new major versionRasmus Lindroth
2022-04-27bug fix themesRasmus Lindroth
2022-04-27add support for themesRasmus Lindroth
2022-04-23fix autocomplete in cmdbarRasmus Lindroth
2022-04-23fix error with tarRasmus Lindroth
2022-04-23fix srcinfoRasmus Lindroth
2022-04-23fix checksumRasmus Lindroth
2022-04-23fix boost and mediaRasmus Lindroth
2021-12-04no force redraw, bug fixRasmus Lindroth
2021-11-24add help msgRasmus Lindroth
2021-11-23bug fix for cmdbars backgroundRasmus Lindroth
2021-11-23bug fixes and status notificationRasmus Lindroth
2021-11-04vote support and template for profilesRasmus Lindroth