AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
16 hoursUpdate to 218.240227.0Aaron J. Graves
10 days218.240219.0Mark Wagie
2024-02-13Update to 3.122.5Aaron J. Graves
2024-02-09Update to 3.122.4Aaron J. Graves
2024-01-24Update to 3.121.4Aaron J. Graves
2024-01-153.120.6Mark Wagie
2024-01-093.120.4Mark Wagie
2023-12-213.119.10Mark Wagie
2023-12-183.119.8Mark Wagie
2023-12-063.119.3Mark Wagie
2023-11-15Update to 3.118.30Aaron J. Graves
2023-11-10Update to 3.118.27, update URLs for download files to new domainAaron J. Graves
2023-11-07update URLMark Wagie
2023-11-07Update to 3.118.25Aaron J. Graves
2023-10-263.118.22-1Mark Wagie
2023-10-06Update to 3.118.13Aaron J. Graves
2023-09-273.118.12, part deuxMark Wagie
2023-09-263.118.12Mark Wagie
2023-09-193.118.8Mark Wagie
2023-09-143.118.7Mark Wagie
2023-09-12Update to 3.118.6Aaron J. Graves
2023-09-06Update to 3.118.4Aaron J. Graves
2023-08-23Update to 3.117.0Aaron J. Graves
2023-08-10Update to 3.116.8Aaron J. Graves
2023-07-13Update to 3.115.2Aaron J. Graves
2023-06-15Update to 3.114.1Aaron J. Graves
2023-06-07Update to 3.113.3Aaron J. Graves
2023-05-253.112.15Mark Wagie
2023-05-113.112.11Mark Wagie
2023-04-25Update to 3.112.9Aaron J. Graves
2023-04-063.112.6 tagged releaseMark Wagie
2023-04-05Tutanota updated the package but didn't tag a new release in github, needed t...Aaron J. Graves
2023-04-05Update to 3.112.6Aaron J. Graves
2023-04-033.112.5Manjaro Build Server
2023-03-233.111.0Mark Wagie
2023-03-13Update to 3.110.1Aaron J. Graves
2023-03-023.110.0Mark Wagie
2023-03-013.109.13Mark Wagie
2023-02-173.109.4Mark Wagie
2023-02-03Update to 3.108.12Aaron J. Graves
2023-01-303.108.10Mark Wagie
2023-01-193.107.3Mark Wagie
2023-01-053.106.5Mark Wagie
2022-12-223.106.4Mark Wagie
2022-12-123.105.9Mark Wagie
2022-12-013.105.4Mark Wagie
2022-11-303.105.3Mark Wagie
2022-11-153.104.5Mark Wagie
2022-11-043.10.3Mark Wagie
2022-10-113.102.3Mark Wagie