AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysUpdated to v2.0.7Steven Seifried
2023-05-05Updated to v2.0.5Steven Seifried
2023-04-26Updated to v2.0.4Steven Seifried
2023-03-28Updated to v2.0.2Steven Seifried
2023-03-22Updated to v2.0.0Steven Seifried
2023-03-03 Updated to v1.2.5Steven Seifried
2023-01-12Updated to v1.2.4Steven Seifried
2022-12-21Updated to v1.2.3Steven Seifried
2022-10-19Updated filesSteven Seifried
2022-10-19Updated to v1.2.2Steven Seifried
2022-10-14Updated to v1.2.1Steven Seifried
2022-10-13Updated PKGBUILDSteven Seifried
2022-10-13Updated to v1.2.0Steven Seifried
2022-10-07Updated to v1.1.8Steven Seifried
2022-09-20Updated to v1.1.7Steven Seifried
2022-07-15Updated to v1.1.5Steven Seifried
2022-04-23Updated to v1.1.4Steven Seifried
2022-04-05Updated to v1.1.3Steven Seifried
2021-12-10Updated to v1.1.2Steven Seifried
2021-11-26 Updated to v1.1.1Steven Seifried
2021-08-27Updated to v1.1.0Steven Seifried
2021-08-08initial commitSteven Seifried