AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-15Ignore use-after-free error at build time,libhdhomerun bumped to v. 20180327Louis Tim Larsen
2020-05-29Fix building with -fno-common (default from GCC 10)Alex Mekkering
2019-03-15Added detection of libavresample and made that package optionalAlex Mekkering
2019-03-12Added support for transcoding again by using (aur) package libavresampleAlex Mekkering
2019-01-15Updated to v4.2.8Alex Mekkering
2018-11-01Updated upstream sha256sumAlex Mekkering
2018-10-09Updated to v4.2.7Alex Mekkering
2018-05-15Reverted back to using tar.gz release and added pachesAlex Mekkering
2018-05-13Add support for ffmpeg version 4.0Alex Mekkering
2018-05-08Temporary fix to succeed compilation with GCC 8+Alex Mekkering
2018-04-27Moved to using upstream systemd service fileAlex Mekkering
2018-03-27Updated to v4.2.6Alex Mekkering
2018-01-12Corrected .SRCINFOAlex Mekkering
2018-01-12Removed dangling linuxtv-dvb-apps dependencyAlex Mekkering
2017-12-20Updated to v4.2.5Alex Mekkering
2017-10-18Updated to v4.2.4Alex Mekkering
2017-07-01Updated to v4.2.3Alex Mekkering
2017-05-16Updated to v4.2.2Alex Mekkering
2017-04-23Updated to v4.2.1Alex Mekkering
2017-04-10update to 4.0.10Alex Mekkering
2017-02-26auto-assign an available UID below 1000 to user htsAlex Mekkering
2016-06-15updated architectures, dependencies and conflictsAlex Mekkering
2016-06-08added wget to makedepends to be able to download libhdhomerunAlex Mekkering
2016-06-08added PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/lib/ffmpeg2.8/pkgconfigAlex Mekkering
2016-06-08updated .SRCINFOAlex Mekkering
2016-06-08update to 4.0.9, changed dependency ffmpeg -> ffmpeg2.8 & patched compilation...Alex Mekkering
2015-12-21update to 4.0.8Bjoern Franke
2015-10-24fix chmod of manpageBjoern Franke
2015-10-23new upstream release, added linuxtv-dvb-apps as depBjoern Franke
2015-10-17add libhdhomerun as optdeptBjoern Franke
2015-09-27new upstream releaseBjoern Franke
2015-08-09added uriparser as dependencyBjoern Franke
2015-06-23new versionBjoern Franke
2015-06-08fixed configureBjoern Franke
2015-06-08Initial importBjoern Franke