AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysUpdate to version 0.9.81Jonathan Duck
7 daysUpdate to version 0.9.80Jonathan Duck
2019-10-24Update to version 0.9.79Jonathan Duck
2019-10-12Update to sha512; add expiremental system electronJonathan Duck
2019-10-12Update to version 0.9.78Jonathan Duck
2019-09-08Add optdepends pandocJonathan Duck
2019-09-07Update to version 0.9.77Jonathan Duck
2019-08-21Update to version 0.9.75Jonathan Duck
2019-08-09Update to version 0.9.74Jonathan Duck
2019-08-03Update to version 0.9.73Jonathan Duck
2019-06-26Update to version 0.9.72Jonathan Duck
2019-04-20Update to version 0.9.70Jonathan Duck
2019-03-20Update to version 0.9.68Jonathan Duck
2019-03-19Update to version 0.9.67Jonathan Duck
2019-02-18Update to version 0.9.65Jonathan Duck
2019-01-26Update to version 0.9.64Jonathan Duck
2019-01-10Update to version 0.9.62Jonathan Duck
2018-11-03Update to version 0.9.60Jonathan Duck
2018-10-27Update to version 0.9.60Jonathan Duck
2018-10-27Update to version 0.9.60Jonathan Duck
2018-10-06Fix config directory and version in about.Jonathan Duck
2018-10-02Add electron dependencyJonathan Duck
2018-10-02System electron entrypoint that filters extra argvJonathan Duck
2018-09-17Update to version 0.9.58Jonathan Duck
2018-09-02Update to version 0.9.57Jonathan Duck
2018-08-24Revert to packaged electron with launch binary.Jonathan Duck
2018-08-23Update to version 0.9.56Jonathan Duck
2018-08-19Update to version 0.9.54Jonathan Duck
2018-08-07Remove cd from, that causes relative files to not openJonathan Duck
2018-08-07Replace embedded electron with system electronJonathan Duck
2018-05-31Update to version 0.9.53Jonathan Duck
2018-05-28Update to 0.9.52Jonathan Duck
2018-05-16Update to 0.9.51Jonathan Duck
2018-05-04Update to 0.9.50Jonathan Duck
2018-04-05Update license infoJonathan Duck
2018-04-04Update to 0.9.47Jonathan Duck
2018-04-02Added recommendation for emoji fontsJonathan Duck
2018-03-15Update to 0.9.47Jonathan Duck
2018-02-09Update to 0.9.44Jonathan Duck
2018-01-25Update to 0.9.42Jonathan Duck
2017-12-14Add my Makefile for building updating the packageJonathan Duck
2017-12-14Update to 0.9.41Jonathan Duck
2017-12-13Update to 0.9.40Jonathan Duck
2017-11-01Update to 0.9.38Jonathan Duck
2017-09-25Update to 0.9.37Jonathan Duck
2017-08-28version 0.9.36Jonathan Duck
2017-08-15Update to 0.9.33Jonathan Duck
2017-08-14Update to 0.9.32Jonathan Duck
2017-08-10Update to 0.9.31Jonathan Duck
2017-08-10Update to 0.9.30 (beta)Jonathan Duck