AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 daysUpdate to version 1.8.10Jonas Bögle
2024-01-29Update to version 1.8.9Jonas Bögle
2024-01-27Update to version 1.8.8Jonas Bögle
2024-01-24Update to version 1.8.5Jonas Bögle
2023-10-22Allow setting flags via typora-flags.conf in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME (~/.config by d...Jonas Bögle
2023-10-17Update to version 1.7.6Jonas Bögle
2023-09-23Update to version 1.7.5Jonas Bögle
2023-09-07Update to version 1.7.4Jonas Bögle
2023-09-06Update to version 1.7.3Jonas Bögle
2023-05-22Update to version 1.6.6Jonas Bögle
2023-05-18Update to version 1.6.5Jonas Bögle
2023-03-25Update to version 1.5.10Jonas Bögle
2023-03-11Update to version 1.5.9Jonas Bögle
2023-02-16Update to version 1.5.8Jonas Bögle
2023-02-09Update to version 1.5.6Jonas Bögle
2023-02-04Update to version 1.5.5Jonas Bögle
2022-09-30Update to version 1.4.7Jonas Bögle
2022-09-15Update to version 1.4.4Jonas Bögle
2022-06-12Update to version 1.3.6Jonas Bögle
2022-03-27Update to version 1.2.4Jonas Bögle
2022-03-25Update to version 1.2.3Jonas Bögle
2022-03-15Fix: update dependenciesJonas Bögle
2022-02-23Update to version 1.1.5Jonas Bögle
2022-02-20Update to version 1.1.4Jonas Bögle
2022-02-18Update to version 1.1.3Jonas Bögle
2022-01-11Update to version 1.0.4Jonas Bögle
2021-12-28Fix: add gtk3 dependencyJonas Bögle
2021-12-05Update to version 1.0.3Jonas Bögle
2021-12-02Remove file permission workaroundsJonas Bögle
2021-11-27Update to version 1.0.2Jonas Bögle
2021-11-26Update to version 1.0.0Jonas Bögle
2021-11-17Update to version 0.11.18Jonas Bögle
2021-11-15Update to version 0.11.16Jonas Bögle
2021-10-28Update to version 0.11.14Jonas Bögle
2021-09-20Remove option to build with systems electronJonas Bögle
2021-09-20Update .SRCINFOJonas Bögle
2021-09-20Bump package releaseJonas Bögle
2021-09-20Remove write permission for group/otherJonas Bögle
2021-09-02Update maintainer and package descriptionJonas Bögle
2021-09-01Update to version 0.11.8Jonathan Duck
2021-08-26Update to version 0.11.7Jonathan Duck
2021-08-26Update to version 0.11.6Jonathan Duck
2021-08-18Update to version 0.11.5Jonathan Duck
2021-08-01Update to version 0.11.2Jonathan Duck
2021-07-23Update to version 0.11.1Jonathan Duck
2021-05-24Update to version 0.10.11Jonathan Duck
2021-05-17Update to version 0.10.10Jonathan Duck
2021-05-08Update to version 0.10.7Jonathan Duck
2021-04-28Update to version 0.10.6Jonathan Duck
2020-12-15Update to version 0.9.98Jonathan Duck