AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-01update to latest versionJeremy MountainJohnson
2022-09-01update to latest version, use new file extension compression for source.JSkier21
2021-04-10Update to 21.04.6 VersionJonathan
2021-03-18Update to 21.04.4 VersionJonathan
2020-11-10Update to 20.10.1 VersionJonathan
2020-10-02Update to 20.10.0 VersionJonathan
2020-03-26Update to 20.04.2 VersionJonathan
2019-03-27Update to 19.04.0 Versionarchjo
2019-02-06ubuntu-mate-themes updated to 18.10.1 Versionarchjo
2018-05-07Update to 18.04.11Götz Christ
2018-02-07added mate ubuntu icons as optional depJeremy MountainJohnson
2018-02-07update to 18.04.3Jeremy MountainJohnson
2017-06-22srcinfo updated correctlyjskier
2017-04-10Updated to latest version, fixes source URL as welljskier
2017-03-29Update to 17.04.8Götz Christ
2017-02-28Updated version, removed icon opt dep (no longer maintained), added sha512 fi...jskier
2016-10-16Update to 16.10.9Götz Christ
2016-08-31Initial import: ubuntu-mate-themes 16.04.6Götz Christ