AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-25PKGBUILD: Removing empty fields. Removing useless linebreaks. Fixing install ...David Runge
2017-02-24PKGBUILD: Adding typo fix for update-motd.service.David Runge
2017-02-24PKGBUILD: Updating to uenv > 0.8.4 (including arch-audit and python-lolcat op...David Runge
2017-01-10PKGBUILD: Updating to uenv > 8.3David Runge
2016-12-21.SRCINFO: Adding info for 8.2.David Runge
2016-12-21PKGBUILD: Removing gpg-agent information (functionality now added upstream).David Runge
2016-10-25PKGBUILD: Updating to > 0.8.1David Runge
2016-10-25PKGBUILD: Updating to > 0.8.David Runge
2016-08-25PKGBUILD: Updating to version > 0.7.David Runge
2016-06-04PKGBUILD: Updating for uenv > 0.6.0, fixing real-time settings. .gitignore: A...David Runge
2016-06-04PKGBUILD: Updating to uenv >0.5.2 to fix mpd@.service properly.David Runge
2016-06-04PKGBUILD: Adding version > 0.5.1 providing fix for mpd@.service.David Runge
2016-06-04PKGBUILD: Updating to uenv >0.5 and adding makepkg specific source directorie...David Runge
2016-05-04PKGBUILD: Updating to uenv > 0.4.2.David Runge
2016-05-01PKGBUILD: Updating to > 0.4.0 with changed upstream git url and removed optde...David Runge
2015-10-23PKGBUILD: Updating to version > 0.3.David Runge
2015-10-20PKGBUILD: Dropping dbus user settings, as they are now properly covered by sy...David Runge
2015-09-08PKGBUILD: Latest release goes conform with latest dbus release (removing dbus...David Runge
2015-07-26PKGBUILD,.SRCINFO: Updating to post 0.1 release. Fixing dbus user session.David Runge
2015-07-07PKGBUILD, .SRCINFO: Adding first commitDavid Runge