AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-13Disabling systemd via meson option now; upstream version bump.git user
2023-09-04Corrected typo: 'opdepends' to 'optdepends'.git user
2023-09-04`$pkgrel` bump.git user
2023-09-04Added uksmdstats as optional dependency.git user
2023-09-04Added more architectures and 'glibc' as dependency.git user
2023-09-04* Removed support for different upstream variants becauee it will be made a s...git user
2023-09-04Made source download relative to specified download namegit user
2023-09-04Added configuration framework to switch between upstream and CachyOS variant.git user
2023-07-13Initial Commit.git user