AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
38 hoursUpdate to 8.2.0Mitch
2019-05-03Update to 8.1.0Mitch
2019-03-31Update to 8.0.1Mitch
2019-02-23Update to 7.9.0Mitch
2019-01-12Update to 7.8.0Mitch
2018-12-21Update to 7.7.0Mitch
2018-11-22Update to 7.6.2Mitch
2018-11-19Updated .SRCINFO fileMitch
2018-11-19Fixed unzip issue 2 (correctly exclude the problematic files).Mitch
2018-11-19Fixed unzip issue.Mitch
2018-11-19Update to 7.6.0Mitch
2018-10-13Revert source back to sourceforge. 7.5.0 is not available yet as release on G...Mitch
2018-10-13Update to 7.5.0Mitch
2018-09-25Change download source to GitHubMitch
2018-09-22Update to 7.4.0Mitch
2018-09-02Update to 7.3.1Mitch
2018-08-13Update to 7.3.0Mitch
2018-07-29Update to 7.2.1Mitch
2018-07-28Update to 7.2.0Mitch
2018-04-15Update to 7.0.1Mitch
2018-03-27Update to 7.0.0Mitch
2018-01-07Update to 6.8.0Mitch
2017-10-03Update to 6.7.4Mitch
2017-08-13Added quotes to srcdir/pkgdir variables.Mitch
2017-08-13Update to 6.7.3Mitch
2017-07-09Update to 6.7.2Mitch
2017-06-11Update to 6.7.1Mitch
2017-06-11Update to 6.7.1Mitch
2017-06-10Fix PKGBUILD.Mitch
2017-06-10Fix PKGBUILD.Mitch
2017-06-10Fix download URL (-Java8 was removed from the filename)Mitch
2017-06-10Fix download URL (-Java8 was removed from the filename)Mitch
2017-06-10Fix download URL (-Java8 was removed from the filename)Mitch
2017-06-10update to 6.7.0Mitch
2017-02-25Update to 6.6.0-1Mitch
2017-01-07Update to 6.5.3-1Mitch
2016-12-17Solve tsmuxer-cli-ng dependencyMitch
2016-11-29Update to 6.5.2-1Mitch
2016-10-02Update to 6.5.1-1Mitch
2016-08-01Update to 6.5.0-1Mitch
2016-06-26Update to 6.4.0-1Mitch
2016-05-27Update to 6.3.2-1Mitch
2016-05-22Update to
2016-05-21Update to 6.3.1-2Mitch
2016-05-21Update to 6.3.1-1Mitch
2016-05-07Update to 6.3.0-2Mitch
2016-05-07Update to 6.3.0-1Mitch
2016-04-09Update to 6.2.2-1Mitch
2016-03-28Update to 6.2.1-1Mitch
2016-03-13Update to 6.2.0-1Mitch