AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-01Fixed v1.6.2Jan Max Meyer
2019-08-01v1.6.2Jan Max Meyer
2019-05-28unicc 1.6Jan Max Meyer
2018-11-20unicc 1.5Jan Max Meyer
2018-09-11Updated User's Manual with new checksumJan Max Meyer
2018-04-17UniCC v1.4 with C++ supportJan Max Meyer
2018-01-27UniCC 1.3.3 updatedJan Max Meyer
2018-01-16UniCC 1.3.2 fixes bugs in the Python target.Jan Max Meyer
2017-12-31Updated manual with new checksumJan Max Meyer
2017-12-22Patch version 1.3.1Jan Max Meyer
2017-12-21Release of version 1.3Jan Max Meyer
2017-12-14Added dependency version for phorward is >=0.20.0Jan Max Meyer
2017-11-07unicc v1.2.0 comes now also with Python support.Jan Max Meyer
2017-02-01Initial PKGBUILD for UniCC 1.1.0 parser generator.Jan Max Meyer