AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-19Corrected a conditional oversight; seems I was 'listening' to spellcheck back...Neko-san
2023-09-06Bump pkgrel to 15, implemented a user-interaction to permit adding '
2023-06-24Corrected bashfile symlinkNeko-san
2023-06-23Added a clarifying comment in the bash fileNeko-san
2023-06-22Fixed if-check oversightsNeko-san
2023-06-21Made a misc change from the UE5 AUR PKGBUILDNeko-san
2023-06-21Made some misc changes from the UE5 AUR PKGBUILDNeko-san
2023-06-21Tweaked auto flagsNeko-san
2023-06-18Refactored build function logicNeko-san
2023-06-18Imported attempt to resolve the NuGet SSL issueNeko-san
2023-06-18Refactored PKGBUILD and forgotten issues that needed fixing and correct bash ...Neko-san
2023-02-28Updated an email addressNeko-san
2023-02-22Bumped pkgrel; fixed cloning the 4.27.2 tag directlyNeko-san
2023-02-21Bumped pkgrel; fixed an oversight in prepare()Neko-san
2023-02-21Bumped pkgrelNeko-san
2023-02-21Revised initial git cloning solutionNeko-san
2023-02-21Corrected tag cloning, againNeko-san
2023-02-21Corrected tag cloningNeko-san
2023-02-21Updated dependsNeko-san
2023-02-21Fixed checksum validation for launch scriptNeko-san
2023-01-30Added error-handling for the build() function to ensure an exit if the UE bui...Neko-san
2022-11-29Corrected line 73Neko-san
2022-11-20Updated unreal-engine-4.shNeko-san
2022-11-19Fixed a git issue with updating old clones of the UE repo to the current rele...Neko-san
2022-11-18Bumped pkgrel to 8Neko-san
2022-11-18Corrected line 179Neko-san
2022-11-18...Bumped to pkgrel 7Neko-san
2022-11-18Bump pkgrel to 6Neko-san
2022-11-18Bump pkgrel to 6Neko-san
2022-11-18Bump pkgrel to 5Neko-san
2022-11-18Bump pkgrel to 4Neko-san
2022-11-18Bump pkgrel to 2Neko-san
2022-11-18Corrected an incomplete install path on line 194 that was forgottenNeko-san
2022-11-15Tweaked git tag detectionNeko-san
2022-11-12Corrected a .desktop issue with the launch script referencing the wrong binaryNeko-san
2022-11-11Added a forgotten error-exit for the launch scriptNeko-san
2022-11-11Updated .SRCINFONeko-san
2022-11-11Updated pkgrelNeko-san
2022-11-11Updated to add openssl-1.1 and Steam as dependencies, and a script to handle ...Neko-san
2022-11-04Added CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS sanity checksNeko-san
2022-10-15An attempt to fix Unreal Build Tool not finding Epic's Clang compilerNeko-san
2022-08-31Edited the PKGBUILDNeko-san
2022-08-31Edited the PKGBUILDNeko-san
2022-08-31Edited the PKGBUILDNeko-san
2022-08-31Edited the PKGBUILDNeko-san
2022-08-31Removed '-set:WithHTML5=false' due to a user report that UE4 doesn't support ...Neko-san
2022-07-07Adjusted specific versioning name and updated .SRCINFONeko-san
2022-07-07Added the checksum for the pacman hook and specified it as a optdependNeko-san
2022-07-07Corrected the same aforementioned pacman hook filename typo in the PKGBUILDNeko-san
2022-07-07Corrected the pacman hook file name to specify UE4 to prevent conflicts with ...Neko-san