AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-12add license fileRicardo (XenGi) Band
2023-06-12fix some bugs, switch to native libsRicardo (XenGi) Band
2023-06-03fix directories and permissionsRicardo (XenGi) Band
2023-06-03fix directories and permissionRicardo (XenGi) Band
2023-05-03massively simplify package; dropping support for anthorlogy DVD for now. Also...Ricardo (XenGi) Band
2022-08-13fix checksumsRicardo (XenGi) Band
2022-08-13ossp is not needed anymoreRicardo (XenGi) Band
2022-06-25🚀Ricardo (XenGi) Band
2021-05-15updated to 469bRicardo (XenGi) Band
2020-10-18fixing checksumsRicardo (XenGi) Band
2020-10-18oldunreal doesn't let me download files.. :(Ricardo (XenGi) Band
2020-10-18fixed urls in depsRicardo (XenGi) Band
2020-10-17updated to 469aRicardo (XenGi) Band
2018-06-16moved to gitlabRicardo (XenGi) Band
2017-12-02fixed missing \XenGi
2017-05-28included padsp in the desktop fileRicardo Band
2016-03-08reupload of ut99; icon moved out of aurRicardo (XenGi) Band