AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysUpdate to version 1.4.10 with sha256sum fixblackhole
10 daysUpdate to version 1.4.10blackhole
2020-04-24Update to version 1.4.7blackhole
2019-12-06fix to mutagen dependency conflictblackhole
2019-10-16Update to version 1.4.5blackhole
2019-04-06Added mpd to After section of systemd serviceblackhole
2019-03-30Update to 1.4.2 and some changes on dependenciesblackhole
2019-03-13Added user systemd serviceblackhole
2019-03-13Fixed permissions on upmpdcli.conf and added missing dependencyblackhole
2019-03-13Update to version 1.4.1blackhole
2017-06-22update to version 1.2.15Tilman Vatteroth
2017-02-13- fixed permission issue of /etc/upmpdcli.confTilman Vatteroth
2017-02-11Fixed issue with misspelled service file. Thx to don_carlosTilman Vatteroth
2017-01-03Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Vatteroth
2017-01-03- version 1.2.12Tilman Vatteroth
2017-01-03- version 1.2.12Tilman Vatteroth
2016-12-28version 1.2.11Tilman Vatteroth
2016-12-18version 1.2.10Tilman Vatteroth
2016-10-19update to version 1.2.9Tilman Vatteroth
2016-10-16version 1.2.8Tilman Vatteroth
2016-10-09updated srcinfoTilman Vatteroth
2016-10-09*sigh*Tilman Vatteroth
2016-10-09updated shaTilman Vatteroth
2016-10-09updated depsTilman Vatteroth
2016-10-09forgot srcinfoTilman Vatteroth
2016-10-09update depsTilman Vatteroth
2016-10-04version upmpdcli-1.2.5Tilman Vatteroth
2016-03-12Upgraded to 1.1.2Mansour Behabadi
2016-01-23Forgot to update SRCINFO for 0.13.1Mansour Behabadi
2016-01-23Updated to version 0.13.1Mansour Behabadi
2015-11-24Initial commitMansour Behabadi